NBA Graveyard 2016: Kings Self-Immolate, Again

It’s March and that means the season is effectively over for a number of NBA teams. We’ll be picking through the remains of the fakers, pretenders and never-had-a-chancers to determine what went wrong. More importantly, what can be salvaged going into next season and beyond? Cuz the great thing about the NBA is even when all is lost, the dead still have hope. There’s always room for wild optimism thanks to coaching carousels, the siren song of the big free agent, the franchise-saving Draft pick, the unknown potential of young assets and blind faith.

On to the Sacramento Kings, who lived more of a Jester’s life…


Postmortem: A million gallons of ink have been spilled over the hilariously dysfunctional Sacramento Kings in the last 18 months, so in an effort to not beat a dead horse we present a simple timeline. Here are the broad strokes of the Kings’ very public self-shaming: Continue reading