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I am a passionate consumer of NBA content in all its forms, and an aspiring NBA content creator. This blog represents that aspiration in action.

This site will look at the NBA from many different angles; like basketball strategy/evolution of the game, post-game analysis, in depth roster and team overviews, looks at how value is quantified in the NBA player market, fun posts that explore the massive cultural impact of the game and its players,  opinions, random musings, etc.

As someone who has played ball all my life, usually at center (6’5″, 225 in my peak), I’ve always loved the beauty of the sport and intensity it creates in those that play and watch. And while I love Steph Curry, Allen Iverson, and many other little guys past and present, my inherent biases toward big men will likely bleed through (such as in the title of the site).

I will always strive for accuracy, grammatical and spelling perfection.

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