Opening Power Rankings + Division Rankings

The 2015-16 season starts tomorrow, so let’s kick things off with the first iteration of the Power Rankings. The Power Rankings are where I see the teams as of today, while the Division Rankings are a projection of the order of finish. So there may be discrepancies in the order of things. This ranking will be updated several times per month.

NBA Power Rankings

  1. Golden State Warriors (NOP, Tuesday)
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder (SAN, Wednesday)
  3. Houston Rockets (DEN, Weds)
  4. Los Angeles Clippers (@Sac, Weds)
  5. San Antonio Spurs (@OKC, Weds)
  6. Cleveland Cavaliers (@Chi, Tues)
  7. Memphis Grizzlies (CLE, Weds)
  8. Chicago Bulls (CLE, Tues)
  9. Atlanta Hawks (DET, Tues)
  10. Miami Heat (CHA, Weds)
  11. Washington Wizards (@Orl, Weds)
  12. Toronto Raptors (IND, Weds)
  13. Utah Jazz (@Det, Weds)
  14. New Orleans Pelicans (@GSW, Tues)
  15. Milwaukee Bucks (NYK, Weds)
  16. Boston Celtics (PHI, Weds)
  17. Phoenix Suns (DAL, Weds)
  18. Detroit Pistons (@Atl, Tues)
  19. Indiana Pacers (@Tor, Weds)
  20. Sacramento Kings (LAC, Weds)
  21. Dallas Mavericks (@Phx, Weds)
  22. New York Knicks (@Mil, Weds)
  23. Charlotte Hornets (@Mia, Weds)
  24. Denver Nuggets (@Hou, Weds)
  25. Orlando Magic (WSH, Weds)
  26. Los Angeles Lakers (MIN, Weds)
  27. Portland Trail Blazers (NOP, Weds)
  28. Minnesota Timberwolves (@LAL, Weds)
  29. Brooklyn Nets (CHI, Weds)
  30. Philadelphia 76ers (@Bos, Weds)

Division Rankings

This is purely because I enjoy listing things. Divisions don’t really matter anymore. They’ve been taken out of the playoff seeding picture. But they still exist, and I’m anxious for the season to start, so I’m ranking the divisions dammit.

Cream of the Crop

  1. Southwest Division – It’s almost unfair how stacked this group is. These teams will battle it out all season in a gauntlet, becoming stronger teams in the process. Predicted order of finish – 1, Rockets 2. Spurs 3. Grizzlies 4. Pelicans 5. Mavs

Second Tier

2. Central Division – The Cavs and Bulls may be the East’s two best, and the rest of the division is on the rise. 1. Cavs 2. Bulls 3. Bucks 4. Pistons 5. Pacers

3. Pacific Division – Very top heavy, but a couple other teams have boom or bust potential, specifically the Kings and Suns. The Lakers could also be decent if everything breaks right. 1. Warriors 2. Clippers 3. Suns 4. Kings 5. Lakers

4. Southeast Division – A solid group, with three teams that can conceivably make a play for a top 2 seed in the East. Orlando should be improving. 1. Miami 2. Atlanta 3. Washington 4. Orlando 5. Charlotte

Greatness, then Garbage

5. Northwest Division – OKC could win 60 games and an NBA title. Utah should make the playoffs. With Portland tumbling, the bottom falls out pretty quickly. 1. Thunder 2. Jazz 3. Nuggets 4. Blazers 5. Timberwolves


6. Atlantic Division – Once again, this will be the weakest division. However, Boston has high hopes and Toronto could surprise. 1. Raptors 2. Celtics 3. Knicks 4. Nets 5. 76ers

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