Greetings NBA enthusiasts (and fanatics)

This is the maiden entry of what aims to be an insightful, informative and entertaining blog about all things NBA – on and off court – that will be updated frequently. As the excellent (and lengthy) Playoffs, Draft, whirlwind free agency and completely ridiculous yet wildly intriguing DeAndre Jordan “hostage” situation last night proved, the NBA is always compelling. No other sports league delivers the stunning athleticism and on-court drama with fun off-court storylines that can fill social media and talk shows for days. I know the NFL has DeflateGate and domestic violence, but who wants to talk or blog about downers like that? Give me emoji battles and Mark Cuban flying to Houston only to be denied access to a guy he’s trying to give $80 million to.

Some of the things that I will cover here include:

  • Team building analysis (complete with team previews for the upcoming season)
  • Throwback posts about players from the ’90s
  • Thoughts on new trends and the always-evolving nature of the NBA game
  • An easy to understand fan’s guide to NBA schemes, lingo, strategies and salary cap
  • Positional player rankings…future value predictions
  • As the season begins, highlights and rapid analysis of all the big dunks, Steph Curry ridiculous bombs, comeback wins, SVG F bombs, JVG digs at John Paxson, JR Smith segway action and all the other things that make this league so great.

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Enjoy the Hoopla!

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